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We believe in personal growth.

Let's start with a story...

As a freshman in college, Paul realized he was in sore need of guidance. The world had become a pretty big place, and it was clear he knew a lot less than he would need to know in order to get by in life. The voices around him had become unfamiliar, and he wondered who could help. He had always valued his grandmother's wisdom and thought she might have some answers. He also knew her life was coming to a close and didn't want to miss the opportunity to hear what she might have to say. So, he wrote her a letter. He told her he was feeling unsure about how to find his way, and he asked her what she thought were the most important things he needed to know in life. A couple of weeks later, he received a letter back. In it, she said, "Just do your best, and always be true to your word." And, here at Daily Apple Clinic, we think that was some pretty good advice.

At DAC, we believe we can do no less than honor one another by being true to our word and waking up every day with the intention of being even better than the day before. We accept our human shortcomings and know that if we want to truly make a difference we can't just give lip service to the things we believe in. Instead, we aim to live and breathe our ideals in order to create change in ourselves and in the world around us. And, the truth is, we really don't have any other choice. We can only look to ourselves to be the people we want to be. Only you can choose for you. Life always puts us in the driver's seat.

"Okay... sounds nice. I like being in charge of me, but how can I do that? How can I get started?"

Well, it just requires a little mental gardening. You need to plant a seed in your mind. It begins with this:

Attitude is everything.

You first must decide how you will see the world and your future. As you awaken to what is possible and see yourself as a unique, capable and creative person, you will allow your independent, potential self the freedom to exist. You must not allow the perceptions of yourself that have been created by others control your future. It is your perspective and your vision forward that will guide you. It’s a simple concept, and we know that it works. There's really no rocket science here. You can't hit what you don't aim at, and, when people take a vested interest in being the best they can be, they always succeed. Something good always comes of that effort. Where you choose to focus is where you will end up, and, the truth is, we just have to choose that path.

"Oh, but what about those scary pitfalls...?"

Right... potholes, speed bumps, etc. We are well aware of them. Obstacles happen, and toddlers learn early on that they fall where gravity takes them, so you have to step up and out with both intention and with care in order to reach the endpoint you have in mind. Our goal is to help you find and choose the path that is best for you and help you avoid mistakes along the way. We’re not looking for perfection, just honest effort. We all stumble, but we expect you to take responsibility for learning healthy behaviors and putting them into practice a little at a time, step by step. We just expect everyone to do their best, every day.

"So... what makes you think I can do this?"

Because we know your potential. Yep... you. The truth is, your life and existence are nothing short of miraculous, and the world is waiting for you to show them what you have to offer. We truly believe every person has the capacity to do something amazing. Only you have your DNA and your gifts, and we remind our patients of their uniqueness and incredible capacity every day. When folks finally recognize their value and potential, they start to grow and get better as they follow their true purposes. It never fails. And, it's pretty cool.

So, we're looking for patients who truly want to be healthier, happier and live their best possible lives. We are looking for people who will take personal responsibility for their choices and the ultimate direction their lives take. We're looking for people who hope to make a difference in their own special way as they make their gifts available to others. If you think that is you or you would like it to be you, we would love for you to join us on the journey. If things work out, we'll all get better together.

When you become a patient, we will share our ideas about how you can be the person you want to be, provide resources for self-study as you find them helpful or useful, and connect you with counselors and educators to refine your specific goals. Our goal and purpose is to to help our patients live the lives they were meant to live.

Take good care and hope to see you soon.

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