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A Note About Paying for Your Care…

Before you come to the clinic, you'll need to know costs, how to pay and your insurance coverage, if any.

Our costs without insurance are listed on the “List of Services” page and the “Medications” page of our website. If you do not have insurance, you may pay with cash or a debit/credit card.

Working with health insurance companies and understanding your policy can be challenging. Many insurance plans pay, partially or in full, for clinical visits, treatments, equipment/devices and medications. However, you are responsible to contact your insurer to learn about your coverage, and you are responsible to pay for any costs that insurance does not pay. Daily Apple Clinic will bill your insurance as a courtesy, but we can never guarantee insurance coverage. We don't want you to be surprised if you think they will pay for any care you receive or any provider you choose. They may not.

If you plan to use insurance, you must call your health insurance company, or your prescription plan, using the number on your card, to ask:

  • Whether and what your insurance will pay

  • Whether insurance will pay for costs at Daily Apple Clinic

  • What costs you will be responsible to pay

The consent form that you will sign with us will state that you understand you may be asked to personally pay any fees not covered by your insurance. If you cannot or will not sign that consent form, you cannot receive treatment with us and will need to consider other healthcare options.

In terms of cost transparency: Most modern clinics pay between 4% and 12% of gross collections in order to purchase and upgrade healthcare management technology, access and use the required software and tools, access the insurance clearinghouses and pay staff and billing companies in order to process and manage insurance claims. It's not cheap. Of course, we work hard and do expect fair and reasonable compensation for that work. We do our best to earn your trust every day and provide you excellent value, but, in the end, if our bills aren't paid, we can't continue to provide care.

Thanks for being proactive and taking care of these important details. It lets us focus on providing you the best possible care and helps us maintain great relationships with our patients.

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